Bill and Jim are depressed when their van breaks down. Maud is pleased that Maureen spent the night with Bill. Deirdre is thrilled when Tracy visits but stunned when she tells her that she's getting married. Alec tells Fiona that she obviously cares about singing or she wouldn't have walked off the stage. He tells her that she must stick at the singing to make it work for her. Jim is annoyed to see Liz drinking and chatting with Sean. Tracy assures Deirdre she's not pregnant and assures her that her fiancé, Robert Preston, has a good job. He's twenty-five and comes from Withington. Deirdre is alarmed that they've only known each other for six months but Tracy tells her that he's the man she loves. Deirdre gives Tracy her blessing. Claire tells Carol that she was right about the flat being a charade so she's moved back to No.6. Carol accuses her of cheating the authorities but Claire tells her it's nothing to do with her. Ken is thrilled that Tracy is getting married. Raquel and Lorraine Mason have interviews at Berkeley International. Jim stops the cheque he gave Liz, telling Bill they need the money and if Liz is with Sean she won't go short of cash.


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