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Ken accuses Derek of spreading rumours about him and Sue Jeffers. Derek denies doing so. Audrey and Alma return from the health farm. Audrey tells Alf that she intends to go once a year. Alf worries about Dr Stirling's report and fears he'll lose his licence. Audrey tells him that he's being stupid and gets him to send his renewal form in. Raquel's friend Lorraine Mason from Maidenhead comes to stay with her whilst she's up for an interview. Raquel is stunned when she's told that she'll have to leave the Imperial Hotel as there's not enough work. Lorraine tries to cheer her up and suggests she joins her at her interview. Derek tells Mavis off for gossiping about Ken and Sue; Mavis tells Becky off. Des is upset when Claire calls him a con man for the pretence of the flat. He tells her that he's had enough of her moaning and suggests she leaves him, reminding her that she's a free agent. He is surprised and pleased when she tells him and Becky that she's decided to move back to No.6 permanently. Fiona sings at Shirelle's and gets angry when the audience talks over her song. She stops halfway through and walks off stage. Bill takes Maureen for a meal and then back to his flat.


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Jack Duckworth (sarcastically, to Andy McDonald): "Look, erm... if Ken Barlow comes in, will you tell him that we've had a phone call from a hotel in Southport. Erm... and they've found some canes and straps in his room, and they want to know does he want 'em sending on."

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