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Des and Claire assure Becky that they are not splitting up because of her but because of Jeff's pension. Raquel overhears that Claire is looking for a flat and asks if she and Des are moving. She is embarrassed when Claire tells her all about their relationship. Liz and Jim meet with a professional mediator, Mrs Bardsley, in the hope of sorting out their differences. Derek and Norris check into their hotel in Southport only to discover that there is only one room available. The mediator is caught in the middle when Liz and Jim row about his mother's money. Liz gets worked up and storms out. Derek and Norris are forced to share a double room. Norris makes sure that his bed faces north using a compass. The Malletts entertain the Watts' with the conversation being centred around children. When Judy's alarm buzzer goes off they go upstairs for sex as it's their optimum time for conceiving. Curly and Raquel don't know how to react. Norris is upset when Derek discovers that his compass is wrong and that he has been sleeping the wrong way for years. Sue Jeffers opens her heart to Ken and brings wine to his room. When she falls asleep he leaves her and goes to sleep in her room.


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