Raquel tells Jack that the Square Dealers are giving Curly the runaround because they think he told him secrets. He tells her that Alec told them to him. Maud urges Maureen to make her peace with Bill or they'll never have a good relationship. Raquel tells Des that she hopes things work out well with Claire. He tells her that he's glad she's turned out a winner. Sue Jeffers gives Ken a bottle of wine for his birthday. He is puzzled by the gesture. Alf demands Audrey cancels the health farm but she is desperate to go herself and keeps stalling him. Carol Palmer accuses Claire of not being honest with Des as she hasn't told him about her pension. Raquel tells Alec that Curly is being blamed for what he said to Jack about the Square Dealers. She is relieved when Alec tells her that he'll take care of everything. Anne and Andy entertain the Malones and Jim. Andy is relieved when Jim is on his best behaviour. Curly is angry to discover that Raquel has been trying to sort out his Dealers problems. He accuses her of having changed as she's confident and grown up. She orders Curly to tell the Dealers to leave him alone or resign.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Claire is clearly hiding a big secret from Des. When Andy and Anne hold a dinner party for their parents, Andy is forced to choose between Liz and Jim.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 15,940,000 viewers (7th place - combined figure including repeat).
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