Bill apologises to Maureen, thinking he's embarrassed her. Curly assumes that Fred and Norris are going to ask him to join the Inner Rectangle of the Square Dealers. Fiona spends £120 of Alec's money on a dress for her act. Don is furious when he hears that Nick is living in Canada. He accuses Martin of conveniently getting shut of him and is annoyed that the school fees are coming out of his money. Gail breaks down as he accuses her of marring Nick for life. Fred and Norris accuse Curly of revealing the sacred oath to a non-Dealer. Curly swears that he didn't tell Jack anything but they find him guilty and tell him that he'll have to perform the forty-nine tasks. Maureen tells Bill that she liked it when he kissed her but she's scared of getting involved. Sue Jeffers asks Ken to join her for a conference in Southport. Fiona does another gig and is unimpressed by the shabby state of the club. Tricia visits Carl in prison, telling him that she's finished with him but will let him see Jamie. When she tells him that she's pregnant he calls her a slut and thumps her. The wardens jump on him.


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