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Irma sets off for the baths where she is teaching a local girl how to swim. Minnie observes Len's comings and goings from No.11, on Ena's orders while she is at Vera's. Len begins having his meals at the Tanners'. Elsie is caught unprepared when he arrives first thing in the morning for breakfast. Roused from his bed, Dennis calls him "dad" to wind him up. A tired Len isn't happy to be a part of the morning ritual of shouting and abuse between Elsie and Dennis. She can only offer him Corn Flakes but promises a nice meal that night, however she makes it clear he won't be staying the night. Trevor sends £4 back home from London to repay some of the money he owes. Hilda insists it goes to the residents, untouched by Stan. Len isn't pleased when Elsie makes him do the washing-up but he pretends he isn't bothered. Irma sees Dennis's advert in the paper's personal column as per her suggestion. Stan distributes the money to Annie, Albert and Len. Preparing a candlelit dinner for Len, Elsie finds out that Dennis is meeting Sandra under the Town Hall clock at 7.30pm. Dennis doesn't understand why Elsie suggested the trial marriage. She tells him she has to be sure as it'll be her second time around. Stan is amazed when Len leaves the Rovers after a single pint to keep his date with Elsie. Local kids throw fireworks at Bobby but they're chased away by Charlie. Len enjoys domestic bliss with Elsie. Len has made up his mind that Stanley should stay in Nottingham. A frozen Dennis waits at the rendezvous point for Sandra to make herself known to him. Stan tells Emily about his comfortable life on the dole for her night-school study. Dennis gives up and calls into the Rovers for a warming drink. Lucille tells him that Sandra's turned up and is waiting for him at home.


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