Drag queen Shirelle, owner of the old Gatsby Club, contacts Alec for some acts. Maxine asks if she can be one of the acts as he promised her some work after the talent show. He tells her that she's not good enough. Sally likes to be friends with everyone and finds it hard to adjust to being a boss. The Wiltons are thrilled when the Weatherfield Historical Society selects their house to be part of a guided tour. They are intrigued to find out why their house is so famous. Deirdre is fed up when she struggles to cope at work whilst Alec interviews acts in the back office. Alec struggles to come up with five good acts and worries when Shirelle tells him that he wants top acts. Kevin tells Tricia that Sally stood up for her and stopped Mike from sacking her. Judy tells Gary that she needs the house decorated so she can start nest-building. The Wiltons do research and discover a highwayman was hanged on the site of the Street. They believe this must be why they've been chosen. Deirdre feels that Stephen only took her out for a meal out of pity and that she's too old for him. Alec tells Maxine that he's changed his mind and she can perform at Shirelle's. She agrees on the condition he pays her £25.


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