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Des feels awkward when he stops Becky from borrowing one of his X-rated videos. Jamie is impressed by Nick's talk about what his life was like in London. Tricia is livid when Jamie thinks running away to London is cool. Claire tells Des he's going to have to get rid of his dope plant. He gives it to Mavis, telling her it's a rare pot plant. Gail is upset by the way Nick refuses to talk about his life in London. She fears something nasty happened to him. Alma is annoyed that Gail hasn't told her that Stephen is back. Tricia goes for Nick when she sees him in the street, accusing him of filling Jamie's head with nonsense. Gail sees her and rows with her. Martin has to grab hold of Gail to stop her attacking Tricia. Raging, she tells them she's had enough of them all - especially Nick. Martin gets them all into the house and explains to Jamie that Nick has not told them anything about his time in London - he's chosen to keep his worried family in the dark but regale his mates. At Martin's request, Jamie starts to retell all Nick's adventures and says he'll tell the Platts what happened. An embarrassed Nick has Martin get rid of them before he finally admits although he went to London, he only stayed for two hours as he found it boring and spent the rest of the time in Torquay. Gail is hugely relieved but she and Martin can't stop laughing at the tame time he had.


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