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Annie wonders if the first wedding party they will host with the new music licence will be for Dennis, having heard his news from Lucille. Jack doesn't think the rumours are true. When Dennis gets congratulations from Annie, Stan and Jack, he thinks they're talking about his exam success until they ask him if he's named the day. Len gives Emily an estimate to do repairs to Gamma Garments. He's short with Ken and Elsie when they try to talk to him. Dennis follows Lucille to the launderette where he remonstrates with her for spreading false rumours. She can't give him an accurate description of what Sandra looked like. Dennis is determined to find her and Irma suggests he puts an advert in the paper's personal column. Elsie calls round to see Len and apologises for laughing at him. She tells him she's too old to change her life now but he reminds her that he asked him to marry him once before when Stanley wasn't an issue. She says it would never work out between them. Irma helps Dennis with the wording for his advert and suggests he arranges to meet Sandra under the Town Hall clock on Monday at 7.30pm. Ena makes arrangements for Minnie to look after the mission while she visits Vera. Emily goes to the men's billiard hall for further material for her sociological report. Ena tells Elsie she's shown good sense for turning Len down. Elsie tells her she has a plan to make Len see that the idea is ridiculous. Len is angered at Ken for feeling sorry for him when he suggests they have a drink together. Stan thinks he's being too harsh. Lucille suggests that Dennis joins her at the bowling alley to see if he can find Sandra, but he tells her he's made his own arrangements. He is surprised when Elsie brings masses of food into the house. Len is moody with everyone in the Rovers. Elsie approaches him and suggests a trial marriage to prove that they wouldn't work well together. When she has to raise her voice to repeat the suggestion, everyone overhears with a shock.


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Elsie Tanner: "When them sirens went twenty-five years ago, it started a lovely war for me. I had a smashing time, one way or another. Can't quite believe it's all finished. But somehow...I couldn't get through me life without...well, hopin' that...there might be summat round the corner."

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