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Joyce tells Vera that Alec didn't try anything on but she wishes he had. Tricia feels that she's got nothing to look forward to in life. She wants to get word to Terry. Stephen arrives unannounced at the factory, and is pleased to find the quality of the work has improved. He tells Mike that he's been let down by a supplier and Mike delights in saying he'll take the order on. Norris tries to ignore Derek when he goes on about joining the Square Dealers. Stephen tells the Platts that he'd like to take them to Canada. Nick is thrilled but Gail tells Stephen they can't go. Stephen is puzzled by the reaction. Becky is upset when she hears that Liz is Des's old flame. Martin tells Stephen about Nick running away and how they don't want Nick to get what he wants all the time. Stephen tells him they need a break. Joyce cooks Alec a meal as a thank-you. Becky tells Claire that Des broke the McDonalds up. Des tells Becky that he has had lots of women but they are all in the past. Nick tells Gail she's weird for stopping them going to Canada just to get at him.


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