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Des struggles to get used to having a full house. Claire is frightened to find him cool. Alec is horrified to find the bill that Joyce has run up. His pride stops him from telling her that Sunliners are not paying for the trip. Sally is annoyed when Ida admits to clocking Tricia in. Sally agrees not to tell Mike as she knows he'd dock Tricia's wages. Joyce is alarmed when Alec admits the trip wasn't a freebie. She feels awful and offers to help pay but he refuses to let her, just glad that she's had a good time. Andy is annoyed when Fiona makes a remark about the on-off relationship he and Anne seem to have. He tells her that he's sick of playing second fiddle to Steve and now wants a life of his own. Alec is annoyed when Vera sees him returning with Joyce. Vera assumes they're lovers. Des assures Claire he wants to live with her and doesn't want to wreck their relationship. Sally is pleased when Mike tells her that he wants her to be his second in command and give her responsibility. She demands more money. Fiona is amazed to hear Tony has bought the garage. Des tells Becky and Claire that they must take things one step at a time. Becky is fascinated when he asks her to help him annoy and spy on the Wiltons. Liz is horrified to find out her divorce bill is already £500. She decides she was wrong to not want anything from Jim and now wants to go for costs. Claire apologises to Carol Palmer for storming out but tells her that she's not returning. Carol offers to look after Becky but Becky says she's staying with Claire.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Des has trouble adjusting to his new living arrangements. Joyce finds out the truth about her holiday with Alec.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 15,480,000 viewers (1st place - combined figure including repeat).
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