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Gail can't cope with working and with Alma away she gets Audrey and Roy to run the cafe. Roy considers starting a syndicate for the lottery which doesn't involve buying tickets as he feels the odds are against winning. He feels that there's too much gambling in the world. Andy starts work shelf-stacking at Firman's Freezers. He asks Anne to look for a flat with him but she says that living together would spoil their relationship. Des and Claire start their boating holiday but Becky comes too after refusing to stay with her grandparents. Des and Claire have to quickly change their sleeping arrangements. Josie discovers that Nick has disappeared and calls on Gail to offer support. Des tries to win sulking teenager Becky round by letting her steer the boat. Gary lets Samantha have a ride on his bike, with him on pillion. Joyce sees them and assumes that Judy is riding. She worries as she knows Judy can't ride. Sally enjoys running the factory but annoys Kevin by being too tired to go out in the evening. Audrey is touched when Alf worries about her rushing around all the time after Gail. She tells him that she loves him. Kevin finds his new job boring and misses the responsibility he had at MVB Motors. Josie is stunned to find Don drunk. She tells him that she's got a job in telephone sales - he delights in telling her that the garage has closed and is in the hands of the receivers. Des feels left out as Claire and Becky share a bed.


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