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Jack polishes up the piano in the select, having already sent off the application for a music licence. Annie thinks the idea is a bad one as no one will play the instrument properly. Lucille has bought some expensive perfume for Jack to give to Annie as a belated anniversary present. Ena visits Len to collect in any washing he needs doing at the launderette. He is feeling guilty about the way he treated Nellie. Ena tells him he's not able enough to bring up Stanley and the lad's better off with Harry. Annie is delighted with the perfume and forgives Jack. She asks him to refrain from being drunk again, and is swiftly reminded of her own recent revelries with Ena. Dennis receives a letter saying he's passed his styling exams. Elsie is delighted. Ena meets Minnie and Val at the launderette. Minnie is puzzled as to why she's brought in men's clothes. Emily tries to question the customers for her sociological report. One of them, Sam, thinks she's doing a marketing survey for soap and she'll be sending him free samples. Len asks Elsie to marry him and be Stanley's mother. She laughs uproariously and he runs out of the house in embarrassment. Jack, Ken and Stan go over the results of their investigations, discussing what sort of music would go down well. Val tells Ken that Len is looking for him. Elsie realises from Irma's comments that Dennis is telling the truth and doesn't know the author of his letter. Ken advises Len that taking Stanley back is no guarantee that he'd be doing the right thing for the boy's future. Annie assures Ena that prices won't go up because music is being introduced. Sam sees Emily in the Rovers and he reminds her about his free samples. An excited Lucille returns from a trip to the bowling alley and asks if she can be Dennis's bridesmaid, having met his fiancée, Sandra, there. More puzzled than ever, he denies knowing anyone of that name.


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