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The receivers take over the garage and go through the books with Don. Nick tells Gail that he doesn't want to go with the family on holiday to Prestatyn. Emily has enough of Audrey moaning about the residents' ingratitude to Alf and tells her to shut up. The Wiltons are horrified when Des tells them that he's thinking of buying Gary's conservatory. They fear it will block out their sun. Gail agrees to let Nick stay behind at No.8 when Audrey says she'll keep an eye on him. The garage is closed and Kevin is made redundant with two weeks' pay. Don feels awful and gets drunk when the receiver tells him that Mike got out at the right time. Maxine confesses to Fiona that she's going out with Tony. Don accuses Mike of cheating him but Mike tells him that the business collapsed because he is a wally. Don goes for him so Mike thumps him to the floor. Jack steps in and ejects Don from the Rovers.


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