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Alec considers putting on a talent night and looks for local talent. Gary starts to dig the foundations for the conservatory, scaling it all down so it will fit in the yard. He worries when Roy asks him about his anti-damp preparations and tells him that he won't get any sun as the yard is north-facing. Don employs Nick for the holidays as mechanic. Nick is pleased to follow in Brian's footsteps but Kevin demands a more experienced worker. Samantha Failsworth asks Jack for a barmaiding job. He thinks that she's sexy and takes her on. Don suggests to Nick that he invests £10,000 in the garage as his partner. Gary gives up on the conservatory when Emily tells him how No.7 collapsed in 1965. Martin and Gail are stunned when Nick tells them that Don has asked him to be a business partner. They refuse to let him, causing him to tell them he's no longer a child. Jack agrees to have Alec's talent night at the Rovers when Alec suggests Vince St. Clair could make a comeback. Kevin talks to Nick about the garage, making him see that Don is clutching at straws, the business is going under and no one else wants to be his partner. The residents gather at the Robertses' house. Martin tells Don that he's despicable for trying to get Nick's money. He tells him that Nick can't touch the money until he's eighteen and washes his hands of him. Alf announces to the residents that the street is going to be renamed. He is embarrassed to discover that they all know because Audrey has been gossiping. Ken and Emily speak for everyone in saying he's got a cheek and that they don't want the name changed. Audrey tells them they'll have to lump it.


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