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Tony and Maxine spend the night together but Maxine worries in case Fiona finds out. Kelly starts looking after Sophie as Sally starts at Baldwin's Sportswear. Tricia takes against her as she thinks that she's spying for Mike. Sally's missing the children and spends most of the day talking about them. Kevin gets sick of struggling on his own and pays Nick to help him around the place. Maxine accuses Tony of only going out with her to get Fiona jealous. Tony gets a job at Fast Fitters Exhaust Centre. Gary is horrified when the catalogue people deliver a conservatory. Judy swears that she hasn't ordered it but he doesn't believe her until Joyce explains it's a prize in a competition. Kevin is annoyed when he has to stop in the middle of a job to look after Sophie when Kelly finishes her hours and Sally isn't home. When Don tells him that he can't raise the £10,000, Kevin tells him that the business is a joke and he's not buying into it. Tony assures Maxine that she is the only woman for him. Kevin tells Sally he's scared as the garage is going under and his job will soon be gone.


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Gail Platt (to Martin): "Do you know, the more I think about it, the more annoyed it makes me. I mean, you're a nurse and you save people's lives, but will they name a street after you? I mean, what's Alf ever done?"
Alma Baldwin: "He married yer mother!"

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