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Jim tells Bill he meant what he said about putting money into the business and he reckons he'll get about £4,500 once his mother's estate is settled. Kevin tells Tony that Sally is still annoyed with him for not mentioning Don's offer, then Tony tells Kevin about Fiona visiting Steve in prison. Kevin can't believe Tony's finished with her because of that as Fiona and Steve are "just friends". Ken tells Kelly he'll have to let her go as he can't afford to keep her on as Daniel's childminder any longer. Jim tells Liz he won't be able to visit Steve on Wednesday as he's got to work. Liz then tells Jim she wants to buy out his share of No.11. Maxine tries to get Fiona and Tony back together but it backfires on her as they refuse to talk to each other and Fiona then threatens to sack Maxine if she interferes in her business again. Audrey argues with Lily Dempsey in The Kabin over the egg incident. Sally comforts Kelly as she is upset about losing her job with Ken. George Urquhart visits Alf and Audrey to apologise for the Mayfield Court fiasco. Audrey is pleased that Alf will now have a road named after him instead and she jokes that he should have a plaque put on the pavement as people have walked over him nearly all his life and now they'll be able to walk over him forever. Tony visits Don to tell him that his dad wants to see the books before agreeing to provide the cash for the garage deal. Don happily hands them over. Sally argues with Kevin about the state of their lives. Kevin thinks she should feel lucky to have what she's got but Sally feels it's not always enough for her as she wants a more stimulating life. Alf has decided which street he wants to be named after him - he chooses Coronation Street.


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