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The Town Hall fracas is in the papers. Percy apologises to the Robertses but Audrey won't accept it. Don decides to channel his drive into the garage to make it a success. Percy doesn't like the way the protest has become violent but Lily Dempsey has no regrets about throwing the egg and suggests putting a brick through Alf's window. Don asks Kevin to buy Josie's share of the garage and enter a partnership with him. Audrey is furious over her ruined frock and wants to take action against the OAPs, Alf tries his best to calm her. Don gets aggressive when Kevin admits he doesn't want to go into partnership with him. Alec employs Joyce to clean at Sunliners and his flat, asking her to invoice Sunliners for both. Don is amazed when Tony tells him that he might be interested in going into partnership with him, with backing from his father. Lily and Percy are militant when interviewed for the local TV station on their protest. Liz asks Fiona to keep visiting Steve but Fiona hates lying to Tony and doesn't want to give Steve the idea that she still wants him. Curly tells Raquel that he can't go on holiday as he has to work so that she is free to spend the money on her course. She is thrilled. Sally is furious that Kevin turned down a partnership with Don without consulting her. Fiona tells Tony that she's visited Steve in prison. He accuses her of not caring about his feelings and says he can't forgive her for lying to him. He finishes with her.


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