Don manages to pay Kevin and Tony their wages two weeks late. Alf feels he'd back down over the name change if the protest wasn't against him personally. Mavis is pleased when Derek finds an old carpet for the allotment. She gets at Rita over the predictable way she makes a joke about Wilton carpets. Percy and Lily Dempsey make placards and plan to hot up their protest against Alf. Alf is pressed into meeting a German delegation. Audrey refuses to take part until Alma makes her realise that Alf is the borough's leading citizen and it's an honour to know him. Fiona goes to visit Steve, feeling sorry for him over his dead grandmother. When she refuses to tell Tony where she's going, he is suspicious. Maureen has a new sign put up over the Corner Shop - "Maureen's Mini Market". Steve tells Fiona that he's been served with divorce papers and can't wait to get Vicky out of his life. Don confides in Kevin that he and Josie have split. Curly realises that Raquel would rather go on an aromatherapy course than holiday in Bali. Alf and Audrey's meeting with the Germans is spoilt when the OAPs protest at the Town Hall. Audrey starts rowing with Lily and Percy and is horrified when an egg is thrown at her.


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