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Curly tries to boost Raquel's confidence but is amazed that she lost two jobs in one day. Terry contacts the Hortons and tells them that he's bringing Tommy back. Josie is upset that she and Don are splitting up. She collects her things with Don telling her that he wants to forget she ever lived in the house. Raquel decides to set up on her own at No.7 and places advertisements in the paper. Don accuses Josie of keeping her house on as she knew she'd always return to it. She tells him that she wants her money out of the garage and he promises that she'll get her £20,000 back. Betty is upset that Vera has sacked Raquel. Terry packs, telling Vera he's off to Sheffield for a couple of days. Jack can't help doubting if he'll return. Andy visits Steve on their birthday and feels sorry for him in prison. He is thrilled with a watch from Anne which cost £120. Curly doesn't like the idea of Raquel massaging people in their home. Liz tells Jim that she wants them to sort out how they split the furniture. He can't be bothered and tells her that she can have everything. She is dismayed as he makes her feel in the wrong. When Terry arrives with Tommy, Jeff Horton presents him with a Residency Order to sign, telling him it's binding in law and he'll never be able to take Tommy from them again. Terry signs and Jeff gives him a cheque for £10,000.


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