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Norris tells the Wiltons that he buried the golf clubs as he wished he was burying Angela. Stephen tells Alma that he doesn't want her to keep avoiding him. He wants them to be friends and she agrees to that. Mavis feels awful for having thought Norris a murderer. When Audrey warns Alma to keep her hands off Stephen, Alma decides she'll have to come clean to Mike, fearing Audrey will get to him first. Mike talks to Josie about how to deal with women who have crushes on other men. She advises him to play it cool. Raquel makes her dislike of Terry obvious when he chats her up. Jack congratulates her on seeing through him. Terry makes a big show of shaking Des's hand and telling him there's no hard feelings. Alma tells Mike that she kissed Stephen and is furious when he shrugs it off, putting it down to a middle-aged crush. Derek is relieved when Angela phones to speak to Norris. Stephen and Deirdre get on well when Mike and Alma take them out. Alma is upset when Stephen flirts with Deirdre. Andy borrows the keys to the cafe flat to show Anne round. He tells her that he'd like for them to live together but she accuses him of making too many assumptions. Tricia flirts heavily with Terry and is annoyed when Vera warns her off. Mike tells Alma he guessed that she had feelings for Stephen. She accuses him of humouring her and says she'd have gone to bed with Stephen if he'd have asked. She accuses him of not caring about her.


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  • Pianist - Brian Pendleton



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