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Derek convinces himself that Norris has murdered Angela. Mavis tells him that he should inform the police if he's so convinced. Gail tells Audrey to stop getting at Alma; Stephen doesn't need protecting. Vicky packs for Lausanne and surprises Alec by saying she wants to say farewell to her old friends at the Rovers. Norris digs on the allotment. Betty gives Vicky the recipe for her hotpot as a leaving present, Raquel gives her a massage. Fiona is uncomfortable when she sees Vicky. Vicky tells her that she knows she's paid the price for loving Steve and wonders if Fiona has too. Liz and Jim walk in on Vicky's farewell party, she invites them to join in and drink with her. They wish her well. Alec is sad as Vicky leaves the street. Anne apologises to Andy and they make up. Joyce is disappointed when Percy tells her that the British Legion has a new barmaid. He is hurt when she reveals that she only befriended him to get the job. Curly is annoyed when the men talk about Raquel's massaging skills. Joyce is sorry that she led Percy on and hurt him. Norris enjoys himself at the allotment.


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