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Andy refuses to make the first move towards Anne feeling she should be pleased that he won her parents round. Mavis hates having Norris to stay but Derek hopes he'll benefit at work from Norris's argument with Angela. Fiona decides to see Steve, keeping it a secret from Tony. Maxine thinks she's stupid. Derek is puzzled by Angela's absence at work. Raquel tries to drum up trade but no one wants a massage. Steve is thrilled when Fiona visits him and he tells her that he's sorry for everything. He asks her to visit him regularly as it matters to him. He feels that he doesn't belong in prison and tells her that he can't stop thinking about her. She agrees to visit again. Raquel gives Tony a free body massage. Derek looks round Angela's house and feels something peculiar has gone on. Mavis thinks she's probably gone away for a few days but Derek tells her the atmosphere at the house frightened him. Audrey warns Alma off Stephen. Alma admits to Gail that Audrey is right; she has been dreaming about seeing Stephen again. Fiona lies to Maxine, telling her that she went to see her parents.


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