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Percy admires Joyce's dog and offers to show her photos of the war. She forces herself to be interested. Norris is horrified when Angela takes a big customer from him for Derek to deal with. He swears revenge. Betty tells Alec that it's stupid trying to keep Vicky in Weatherfield; she needs a fresh start. Fiona is stunned when Liz asks her to visit Steve in prison. She agrees to think about it as she doesn't want to give Steve the wrong impression. Vera and Jack spy on each other to catch the other dipping into the till. Derek is shocked when Norris tells him that he wants to kill Angela. Anne tells Andy they'll have to cancel him having tea with her parents. Vicky is interested when Alec tells her that he knows of a good course in hotel management in Switzerland. He tells her there's a new course starting in a couple of weeks. Becky calls on Des and Claire as an excuse to interrupt their evening together. Jim tells Bill he's going on the wagon and wants to save up so when Steve is released he'll have a job for him. Anne admits to Andy that her parents don't want to meet him as they think he's from a rough family as his father and brother have been in prison. She feels ashamed of their attitude and tells Andy that she doesn't care about his family, only him.


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