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The next morning, Dennis still is annoyed that Elsie opened his mail, though she claims it was an accident. She laughs over its contents, wanting to meet the girl, and doesn't believe her son's annoyed protestations that he hasn't any idea who the writer is. Dennis is further annoyed when he finds out that Len knows about the letter. Emily and Florrie make plans to go to the Luxy that night. Pushed by Emily, Lucille gives a grudging promise to hand in her notice to Mr Corbishley that day. Ken and Val make plans to visit Edith Tatlock in Glasgow. Dennis confides in an amused Val about the letter and she also doesn't believe his claim that he doesn't know who wrote it. Emily calls into Mason's Record Shop to see if Lucille has kept to her promise. She wants to wait until Friday so that she doesn't lose any of her wages. A Mr Barroway calls into the corner shop asking for the Hewitt's whereabouts. Ena tells him that all of them are in Ireland except for Lucille who is lodging at the Rovers. He goes there and tells Annie he is a school's welfare officer and he wonders when she'll be well enough to return to school. Annie covers her shock when he tells her that Lucille's "father" wrote a letter a few days earlier saying his daughter was ill. Jack manages to cover, saying he was the writer of the letter and forgot to add "pp" to the signature. Barroway accepts the explanation and leaves behind a livid Annie. Having previously seen Dennis in close conversation with Lucille, Annie goes to No.11 where she and an angry Elsie get a confession of the truth out of him that he wrote the letter. Annie tells Jack what she's discovered. They confront Lucille who is pretending to do her homework. Annie sternly tells her they discovered what she's been doing and that she will be returning to school on Monday. She runs out of the room in tears. Annie thinks they've failed in their task.


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