Liz is distraught over Steve's sentence and the fact that Vicky walked free. She and Andy both feel that Vicky could have helped to get Steve off. The matter brings Liz and Jim closer together. Vicky can't believe how Steve could tell the court a load of lies about her. She realises that she's been a big fool. The Duckworths return from Spain and Betty is relieved to hand the Rovers over. Joyce lets it slip that Billy got a bit merry when drunk. Joyce is interested in a full-time barmaid's job at the British Legion and Gary advises her to talk to Percy as he's on the committee. Derek and Norris have a disastrous game of golf when Angela loses due to a mistake by Norris. He is hurt that she has bent his clubs. Percy is flattered when Joyce chats to him about the war, telling him that he reminds her of her father. He buys her a drink. Betty is insulted when Vera gets Andy to go through the books. She accuses Vera of not trusting her. Vera thinks she's got something to hide. Roy volunteers to help out at the cafe so Gail can have a week off with her family. Norris is desperate not to return to Angela and hangs around the Wiltons. Alma is impressed by Roy's ideas on catering and his no smoking policy at the cafe. The Duckworths are stunned when Andy tells them the pub's takings were up £200 whilst they were away. Kelly is thrilled when Ken finally cracks and agrees to give her driving lessons. Andy is pleased when Anne invites him to meet her parents. Norris is sick of being humiliated by Angela but the Wiltons get rid of him as soon as they can. Alec is upset when Vicky decides to leave Weatherfield.


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