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Billy and Betty look after the Rovers whilst the Duckworths are on their holiday. Betty tells him that she wants him to stay away from the beer pumps. Rita agrees to watch an act Alec is interested in to give her opinion to him. Mike chases Vicky for back-rent on the print shop but she tells him that she doesn't care; the business is finished and they don't want the lease any more. Derek chats to Billy at the allotment and discovers that he wins prizes at horticultural shows. Derek decides he'll enter some himself. Maureen is stunned when Reg's girlfriend Yvonne Bannister confronts her and tells her to stop being obstructive and to give Reg a divorce. Maud calls her a trollop and expects Maureen to throw her out but Maureen agrees to talk to her. Fred books for an outing to York. Yvonne accuses Maureen of wanting to steal Reg's shop and flat. She pleads with Maureen to give Reg a divorce, saying he was never happy with her. Maureen shocks her by saying they were only married for two years and guesses that Yvonne is so desperate because she is pregnant. Mike gives Tricia the job of cleaning out the print shop, cash in hand. Derek decides to grow prize turnips in the back garden so he can nurture them. Billy helps out behind the bar and accepts drinks from the customers instead of tips. Maureen feels sorry for Yvonne and tells her that she'll give Reg a quick divorce, he can have the flat but she's keeping the shop.


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