The Duckworths book a holiday in Lloret de Mar but struggle to find someone to look after the Rovers. Vera is annoyed when Bill turns her down, telling her that he's got his own business to run. Steve tries to talk to Vicky at Sunliners but she refuses to speak to him and gets Deirdre to throw him out. Fred, Rita and Alf attend Charlie Hunter's funeral. Alf is put out to see Rita with Fred. Fred takes Rita to a tea room afterwards and tells her about his marriage. Deirdre agrees to be trained as a travel agent. Des introduces Andy to his girlfriend Claire Palmer. Kelly and Ashley have to cancel an evening out in Blackpool as Ken has an emergency meeting. Ashley tells Kelly that Ken puts on her but she accuses him of being selfish. Alec threatens Steve with the police for breaking the conditions of the court and trying to talk to Vicky.


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