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Annie realises their twenty-seventh wedding anniversary is fast approaching. Jack chases Lucille to go to school, not realising she's packing a different set of clothing in her satchel. Ena and Irma think Florrie is pining for Tickler as she has hardly made an appearance behind the shop counter since opening. Irma worries that Florrie will have another breakdown but the lady herself appears bright and chirpy with her nails done in a new colour. Dennis frets that he won't pass his forthcoming stylist exam. Val puts him to work sweeping her salon floor to take his mind off the matter. Emily has to go to Gamma Garments's head office and collect a record from Mason's Record Shop on the way on behalf of a temping member of her staff. Dennis tries to put her off going, making Val suspicious. Florrie stands up for Tickler when Elsie condemns his behaviour, convinced he'll be coming back as no other woman would pay his way for him as she did. Emily is shocked to find Lucille working behind the counter in Mason's, posing under the name of "Miss Jones". Before Emily can say anything, she is sent on her lunch by the manager, Mr Corbishley. Elsie is surprised when a scented letter arrives for Dennis. She refuses Len's suggestion that she opens it but he can see she's worried by his banter that he's going out with a married woman. Val is in a bad mood, and takes her temper out on Ken. He seeks refuge in the Rovers where Ena advises him to apologise. Emily calls to see Lucille. Dennis is already there, already knowing the girl's secret. Val seeks Elsie's advice about her bad moods in her pregnancy. She is also advised to apologise. Emily promises to keep quiet on the condition that Lucille gives the job up and returns to school. Dennis returns home and Elsie hands him the love letter from "Lover Doll" that she has opened. Although amused by its passionate prose, she demands to know exactly who it's from.


Regular cast

Guest cast

  • Mr Corbishley - Ronald Govey
  • Customer - Heather Moore (Uncredited)



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