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Emily sees Ashley leaving No.1 in the morning and realises that he spent the night with Kelly. Vicky occupies her mind by working for Alec at Sunliners. Deirdre discovers Alec is short-staffed and offers her services. He takes her on at the travel agency full-time. Kevin refuses to work with Don watching over him and tells him that he can stick his job. Don is furious and tells him that he can do what he likes with his own garage. He orders him back to work, reminding him that he pays the wages. Kevin does as he's told. Andy admits to Anne that he's secretly pleased that Steve's world is collapsing around him. Ken returns from the course to find Ashley wearing his dressing gown. Kelly assures Ken that she has not been neglecting Daniel. Des gets tired of having McDonalds hanging around his house and insults Jim and Steve in front of Andy. When Andy takes offence, Des asks him to move out. Steve tells Fiona he realises that he did wrong going off with Vicky. He breaks down and tells her that he's made a mess of everything. She doesn't comfort him.


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