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Steve gets a visiting order to visit Malcolm Fox and find out what is going on. Judy lays into Gary over selling the horse for meat and makes sure all the other women know about it. Maureen has the locks changed on Reg's flat and gets Bill to knock the "For Sale" sign down. Betty finds out about Jack's plan to sell the horse for meat and tells him that he's heartless. Fox tells Steve that his wife went to the police and told them everything in revenge after finding out he had a girlfriend. There's nothing he can do; the police have all the evidence they need. Ken tells Kelly he has to go on a course and asks her to move in for a couple of nights to look after Daniel. She is pleased. Jim tells Liz that he intends to be civil to her if they bump into each other. She is wary of him. Steve tells Vicky and Alec that the police know everything. Alec demands that he tells the police the truth but Steve tells Vicky the police are only interested in her; it was she who paid the money and it came from her account. She can't believe his attitude. Ashley and Kelly plan to spend the night together at No.1 in Ken's absence. Betty tells Vera about the horse's fate and how Jack has signed its death warrant. Vera is furious.


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