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Ivan tells Linda that he's come to take her home but she refuses. Elsie wants them to discuss their troubles in the privacy of No.11 but Linda won't allow him in the house. A row breaks out and Linda hits Ivan with her handbag when he suggests she's been too friendly with another man. Ena, Minnie and Martha enjoy the spectacle. Linda walks out and Elsie prevents Ivan from following, buying him a drink and providing a shoulder to cry on. Ena invites Martha home to her Vestry for a cup of cocoa. Ivan tells Elsie that he honestly doesn't know what the problem is with Linda. Ena and Martha are interrupted in their late-night drink by Leonard Swindley, a local draper and the chairman of the Glad Tidings Mission Hall committee, who gives Ena a warning over her frequenting the Rovers and consuming alcohol. She is furious and quotes scripture at him in reply. He tells her that she'll be evicted if she doesn't toe the line. The next morning, Linda is angry when she finds out that Elsie let Ivan sleep the night on the sofa in the front room. Elsie loses patience and fires back at her, demanding that she tells them what the problem is. She claims that she feels constrained by Ivan's thriftiness and that he doesn't want children until they can afford them but she surprises them by telling them that she's already pregnant. Christine prepares to bring May home from hospital. She tells Esther that May is worried about what the neighbours think of her breakdown. Ena writes to the paper for legal advice about Swindley's threat and vows downright defiance from now onwards. Ivan is angry with Dennis when he remarks that Linda will make a poor mother. Linda sees that he does want the baby after all and they are reconciled. May is brought home. She is in a fragile state and Christine assures her that no one's said anything about her but when some children shout abuse about her being "barmy" through the window, she's knows she's been the subject of widespread gossip.


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