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Maureen stays with the Wattses, unable to face Maud. Raquel tries to make her see that she's better off without Reg. Derek and Mavis check the soil quality at the allotment. Maureen returns home to sympathetic Maud. She assures Maureen that she is her friend and tells her that she must face the world and open the shop. The Wiltons meet the allotment secretary Wilf Gaskell. They promise to look after their allotment. Rita is invited to tea with the Websters and tells them that she knows about the garage and will lend them the money. Kevin tells her that he doesn't want it; he's decided he doesn't want the garage as it will need a lot of money spending on it. Rita is pleased she's been invited round out of friendship. When Kevin tells him that he doesn't want the garage, Mike tells Don that he can have it. Don and Josie are delighted.


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