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Maxine vacates the cafe flat and moves back with her parents. Mike is interested to hear that Rita has lent the Websters money in the past. He tries to get Alma to drop heavy hints to her about Kevin's opportunity to buy the garage. Maureen can't cope with not hearing from Reg so decides to visit him in Lowestoft. When he hears the that Wiltons are after an allotment, Des offers to put in a word for them as he knows the man who allocates them. Bill feels bad that he allowed Kevin to lend him money seeing as he now needs it. Vicky and Steve visit Jim in prison. He tells them how ashamed he feels. Mike interviews for machinists, letting Ida Clough wait until last. Josie tells Mike that she and Don might be interested in buying MVB and he invites them to make an offer. Ida is annoyed at having to wait an hour and a half. Mike tells her that he'll employ her on the condition she is not militant and doesn't cause any trouble. She agrees. Maureen is upset to receive a letter from Reg. She refuses to tell Maud its contents and rushes to Lowestoft. Liz rests easy knowing that Jim is in prison and can't hurt her.


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