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Sally is excited at the prospect of Kevin owning the garage and dreams of all they could do with the profits. Jim realises that Liz must really hate him. His solicitor, Peter Lloyd, claims that all he wanted to do was talk to Liz and he would never have hit her. Tony is relieved when Kevin tells him that he's got first refusal on the garage. Josie starts organising Baldwin's Sportswear. She is interested to learn that Mike is selling MVB. Maureen hasn't heard from Reg and thinks that he's annoyed with her for not seeing him at the weekend. Steve and Andy ask Liz to retract her complaint against Jim as she's ruining his life. She gets angry and tells that them Jim is the villain, not her. They refuse to drive her to the court so she makes her own way and sits apart from them. Josie is surprised to discover that the garage can make over £500 a day. She encourages Don to consider buying it as an investment by taking out a loan on her house. He feels it would be too much of a burden. The bank manager agrees to lend Kevin the money he needs to buy the garage for £40,000 but he will have to find 10% himself. He doesn't think he can find £4,000 but Sally thinks it'll be no problem. The magistrate tells Jim it's obvious he can't stand by the conditions of his bail and sends him to Strangeways for three weeks until his case comes before them. Andy and Steve are furious with Liz.


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