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Jim takes the day off work as he can't stop thinking about Liz and their wasted marriage. He tells Steve that he doesn't understand how they've got into this state. Jack decides to arrange a pub outing to a racecourse. When Jim phones Liz she tells him that she won't speak to him and he's not allowed to speak to her. Mike tells Kevin he is selling the garage and gives him first refusal at a bargain price. Vera is annoyed when Jack refuses to let women go on the pub outing. Sally feels Kevin should buy the garage as it's a great opportunity. He isn't sure if he wants to have the responsibility. Jim tries to talk to Liz but she runs into the Rovers. When he follows, she phones the police. Andy and Steve try to get Liz to talk to Jim but she is scared of him. When the police arrive, Liz tells them that Jim has broken his bail conditions and is hounding her. The police arrest Jim and take him away.


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