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Jamie works his puncture trick on Derek. Liz tells Andy that he must understand she will never have Jim back. Kelly is pleased to see Ashley, her old school friend. She gives him a cup of tea and is pleased to discover that he's not going out with anyone. She tells him that his old girlfriend Margaret was two-timing him all the time. She is embarrassed when Sally matchmakes between them. Josie is interested to learn that Jamie was on hand to mend Derek's puncture. Jim feels sorry for himself and feels that he'll be bad news for Bill if he carries on working with him. Rita asks Fred to stop sending her meat but tells him that she will drink with him. She feels that he is actually a nice man and she likes him. Maureen sets off to see Reg but runs out of petrol. She calls Curly who comes to her aid. Rita agrees to go out with Fred occasionally so long as there are no strings attached. Maureen decides that she's had enough and she's never going to Lowestoft again.


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