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Curly's mind works overtime when Raquel becomes secretive and shows an interest in babies. Steve and Andy are saddened by the news of Liz divorcing Jim. Maxine doesn't know how she's going to cope alone at the flat, financially. Vera gives Joyce an old radio she finds in a cupboard. When Jack accuses her of stealing it, Judy stands up for Joyce and lets it slip she is her mother. Vera is not amused. Tony pushes Fiona to let him move in with her in her new flat but she wants to be alone. Vicky pleads with Liz not to throw her family away and tries to get her to talk to Jim. Liz is adamant that her marriage is over. Joyce is relieved when Vera refuses to sack her. They chat about their children and grow friendlier. Curly convinces himself that Raquel is pregnant. Jack is caught in the middle when Jim and Liz have a slanging match over the bar. He tells Liz that he's had enough and sacks her. Jim leaves to visit his mother in Belfast so Liz moves into No.11. Raquel is thrilled to tell Curly that she's joined an aromatherapy course. He is disappointed that she isn't pregnant. Mike talks Alma into signing over her share of the flat to him so he can mortgage it.


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