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Alma is stunned when Gail confides to her about her affair with Ian Latimer in 1986. Vera dons her airs and graces as Joyce starts work. Kelly is uncomfortable when a couple of friends drop by and think it's weird her working for Ken. Ken walks in on them all and isn't pleased. Josie asks for Vera's forgiveness but she accuses her of making a mockery out of religion. Kelly fears Ken will sack her but he just asks her to be more discreet in future. Anne tells Raquel she fears Andy will go off her just because she won't sleep with him. Raquel points out that if that's the case he's not worth having. Jim and Liz go to an army reunion in Macclesfield and are stunned to find Johnny Johnson has a wife, Lucy. Alma cooks Mike a romantic meal and asks him if he loves her but he would rather talk about business. Jim overhears Johnny telling Liz he married Lucy as she looked like her. Johnny tells Jim that all the blokes fancied Liz. On the way home, Liz has enough of Jim's questions and admits she had a brief fling with Johnny. He accuses her of being a whore and sleeping with everyone. He thumps her and leaves her lying in a road.


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