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Vera is certain that Ivy has settled into the Rovers. Jack thinks that she's barmy. Vera decides that one piece of advice that Ivy would give her would be for her to take on a cleaner. Jack becomes interested in the ghost idea when he hears that ghosts pull customers in. Vera advertises in The Kabin for a cleaner. Andy takes out a student loan to pay Liz back the £50. Alma apologises to Stephen but makes it clear she meant the pass. He promises her that he won't tell Audrey what happened and as far as their friendship is concerned it never did happen. Roy lends Vera books on ghosts and haunted houses. Alma tells Gail about making a pass at Stephen and how he rejected her. Gail sympathises. Jack persuades Vera to talk to the papers about Ivy's ghost. Audrey confronts Stephen over what she witnessed. To protect Alma he tells Audrey that he made a pass at her and it upset her.


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