The Corner Shop is ransacked, with all the alcohol and cigarettes stolen. Maud blames Maureen for not being around; she can't reach to turn on the burglar alarm. In the middle of their rowing a potential buyer arrives to view the shop. He is put off by the mess. Kevin doesn't like the idea of Sally looking after Daniel, especially when Ken asks her to keep him from Denise if she turns up. Audrey goes to Liverpool Airport to meet Stephen. He is embarrassed as he wasn't expecting her and is with his colleague Carrie Meyer. Carrie defuses the situation by suggesting Stephen spends time with Audrey whilst she settles into the hotel. Jim tells Bill that he fears Liz is being unfaithful. He is suspicious of her whereabouts when she goes off to Southport for a few days to settle her mother into her new flat. Don and Josie return from the Canary Islands. Deirdre is stunned when Mike tells her that Denise has left Ken. Alf takes to Stephen when he realises that he is down to earth. Both Stephen and Gail find it difficult meeting each other for the first time. They begin to relax when they discover neither of them have inherited any of Audrey's characteristics. Deirdre calls on Ken and offers to help in any way she can. He is determined to bring Daniel up alone and show the world he is a caring and loving father who can look after his son better than a mother like Denise.


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