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Judy insists that Gary rests after his electric shock. Don goes off to see his barrister. Judy has to go into Curly's house to dry her hair. Bill and Jim uncover a cast iron fireplace whilst renovating Mike's flats. They decide to sell it but Jamie tells Roy that they are nicking it and tries to blackmail them for a fiver. Curly tries to persuade Anne Malone to stay on at Firman's Freezers after she informs him that she is planning to leave. Steve learns from Nicholas Wilding that it was his own supplier, Malcolm Fox, who informed the police about him. Rita is invited to Daniel's birthday party but declines. Jack admits to doing the wiring at No.9 and Vera gets steamed up about it. Don returns from seeing the barrister in jubilant mood but it doesn't last as he slumps back into depression.


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