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Raquel is upset that she let Curly down. He tells her that he doesn't mind and he'll never feel embarrassed by her. Steve enjoys giving out bottles of whisky as Christmas presents. Andy feels he can't live with Des any longer. Liz asks him to stay where he is or Jim will realise something huge is going on. Gail decides that as Don has bought presents for the children then she'll have to give him some from them. Jim can't understand why Liz won't let him anywhere near Des. Andy tells him that Des is upset by it and was forced to do it by Sean. The police search the print shop, telling Steve they think he's holding stolen goods. They find three cases of whisky that they identify as stolen. Steve is cautioned and arrested. Curly is relieved when Eric tells him that Raquel is charming and Edith took against her because she used to be a barmaid. Eric announces to the staff that Curly will be the new store manager. Raquel is thrilled for him. Vicky searches for Steve and is puzzled why his car is outside the print shop. At the police station he refuses the chance to make a call as he doesn't want anyone to know he's there. Judy feels bad about going to Blackpool for Christmas without her mother. Steve waits in a cell to be interviewed.


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