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Alf is happy to help Maud out at the shop as Maureen settles Reg in Lowestoft. Tony starts work at MVB Motors. Vera is sad to hear that Tommy has gone down with measles. She feels the Rovers is a millstone as she can't leave it. Fiona knows Tony is interested in her but doesn't want a relationship as she doesn't trust men. Jack persuades Vera that he can cope at the pub and sends her off to Blackpool. Bill goes after a flat in Hope Street. When it falls through he asks Ken about renting Denise's flat. Sean questions Des and Liz over their relationship, wondering why Des wants a transfer. He refuses to move Des and asks them to try to get along better. The Platts are alarmed to see Sarah scribbling out Don's face in their photo album. She explains that she's heard them say he's not part of the family any more. Jack phones an agency to try out new barmaids.


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