Minnie brings Charlie and Tickler their morning tea, pulling the plugs out of Charlie's airbed at Tickler's instruction to wake him up. Charlie is starting to lose his patience with his roommate who, in an effort to prevent himself being punched, claims to be a wrestling manager. Minnie is thrilled at the revelation. Elsie asks Len to fix her blocked sink and a damp patch on her ceiling. She says he will have to wait a few weeks for payment as she needs the money for a broke Dennis to complete his hairdressing course. Len tells Albert he's discovered that the petty cash of £2 has been stolen from his yard office. A suspicious Annie refuses to go to the butchers while Hilda is still on the premises with her cleaning. A chirpy Florrie is back behind the corner shop counter. Irma succumbs to Tickler's charms when he starts to complement her. In the Rovers, the residents see that Minnie has a large amount of cash in her purse. Trevor writes off for a job in London. Stan says he has no option to go back on the trucks. Thinking of her mother, Irma begs him to think of something else. Albert discovers that a prized gold sovereign in his coin collection has been stolen. He and Len decide to track down the thief who is stealing from all the residents. They come up with a list of suspects - Dennis, Irma and Tickler. Their prime suspect is Tickler but Albert wonders why Minnie is suddenly flush with cash. Tickler suggests Florrie opens an American-style soda bar for the youngsters in the shop. Irma tells Elsie how taken with Tickler Florrie seems. Hilda asks Len if he can think of anything that Stan could do instead of the trucks. Len's hot temper is getting the better of him as he and Albert continue to wonder who the thief is.


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