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Gary pretends to be ill to stay off work so that he can move his drum kit into No.9. Mike orders Kevin to find a mechanic soon or take Barry Halstead back. Reg discovers that Eric Firman is going to offer the job to the manager of his Halifax branch. He races to Halifax to head him off. Kevin asks Tony Horrocks to leave his job at Walsh's to work for him at MVB Motors. Reg sees Eric with the manager and assumes the job has been accepted. He feels sorry for himself and on the way home has a flat tyre. Bill fixes Deirdre up with new tap washers. Deirdre hires him to do a few jobs in the flats. Phyllis has fun being interviewed by the Gazette over catching the flasher. Curly phones Maureen to tell her that Eric still wants to offer Reg the job but Reg can't be found and he's only got until 4.00pm to get back. Reg is stuck on the A672 and phones Maud to say that he has to wait an hour for a breakdown truck. She doesn't tell him that Eric needs him before 4.00pm as she doesn't want them moving away. Judy is furious to find the drums installed as she had told Gary to sell them. Their rowing astounds the neighbours. Tony agrees to work for Kevin even though the money isn't so good; he knows he'll have a laugh. Reg arrives back just in time to be given the job. He is jubilant but Maud is downcast. He promises Maureen they won't be apart for long - their love will last forever.


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