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Reg decides he must get back at Leo over the report so he makes a case out of Leo sexually harassing the staff. He asks Curly to persuade Raquel to repeat what happened to her. Reg tries to get Anne to tell Eric Firman what happened but she refuses, fearing the sack. Deirdre is annoyed that the police have stopped looking for the thugs. Jim and Liz arrange a bank loan to buy the Rovers but also need to sell No.11. Raquel tells Curly that she cannot face telling Eric what Leo did to her. She doesn't want anyone else to know. Curly is angry as he feels Leo will get away with it. The Malletts agree to buy No.9 from the Duckworths before they discover that No.11 is on the market. Vera is horrified when Jim shows them round the house. Don is stunned to see Nick reversing Steve's car in the forecourt. Don accuses Vicky of breaking the law; getting a fourteen-year old to drive. She rows at Nick and he resigns from the print shop. Deirdre walks the canal and finds Mr Bycroft. She apologises for shouting at him and he assures her that he's told the police everything he saw. She feels she'll never know exactly what happened to Samir. Gail accuses Don of losing Nick his holiday job. Raquel changes her mind and tells Curly she will stand against Leo.


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