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Bet has a sleepless night and confides in Raquel that no one will lend her the money she needs. She feels she's had her day. Denise is annoyed that Ken has asked Rita to be godmother without consulting her. Bet gives Betty a garter to wear for her wedding and she surprises everyone by trying it on behind the bar. Bet is pleased when Vicky turns up and apologises, telling her she's the closest to a mother she has. Bet feels patronised as Vicky explains her plan to buy her a small house for which Bet would pay a nominal rent and be around when she's needed. Bet rounds on her, pointing out she housed her rent-free for four years as she loved her. Vicky is bewildered by her reaction and calls her ungrateful. Bet publicly throws Vicky out of the Rovers before turning on all the customers and throwing them out. She closes the pub, stunning Betty and Raquel. Anne Malone complains to Reg that Leo has been sexually harassing her and has made advances towards her. Reg doesn't know how to deal with the complaint but makes a note of it. Don grows concerned about Bet and calls on her. He finds her with her bags packed. She tells him she's finished with Weatherfield and the Rovers so she's leaving. A taxi arrives but she has no idea where she's going.


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