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Derek receives a letter from Arthur in Tintagel, the ancient Camelot, saying that he wants Guinevere. Derek swears to protect her. Mavis wonders where it will all end. The brewery writes to Bet confirming the sell-off and giving her first option to buy at £68,000. She tells the staff they'll soon be jobless but Betty is confident that Bet will think of something. Des and Andy move Steph into her new flat. She makes it clear to Des that she'd like to start again with him. Sally tells Vera that the Malletts have a reputation for viewing houses but never buying them. Rita tries to support Bet emotionally, urging her not to give up. Raquel fears for her job and turns to Curly for a shoulder to cry on. She is upset to see Leo again as well as Des with Steph and breaks down. She tells Curly that she's sick of being betrayed by people and he reminds her that he never betrayed her. Steph tells Des she has told Chris Fox he's in the past and asks Des if they could start afresh. She tells him that she needs him but he uses the baby as an excuse not to get involved. He explains that he loved Lisa and Tommy and they're part of his past but he doesn't love Steph and a child should having loving parents. He leaves her in her new flat. Bet has a bad meeting with her bank manager but paints on a false smile for the customers.


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