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Don intervenes when Nick rows with Rita, saying that his wage packet was short. Nick turns on Don and accuses him of robbing him as well. Raquel is subdued. Vera realises that it's only when they've moved that they'll get the full benefit of the stone cladding. Billy apologises to Betty for embarrassing her but swears he meant what he said. He is thrilled when Betty agrees to marry him. Curly is uncomfortable when Leo explains his thoughts on how all women are begging for sex. He is relieved when Leo tells him that he didn't get anywhere with Raquel. Nick lets himself into No.5 with his ghetto blaster. He locks himself in and plays music as loud as possible. Rita accuses Mavis of being stuck-up in not wanting Vera living next door. Emily tells Percy she was wounded to hear that he has been saying she evicted him. He feels awful and apologises. The neighbours summon Gail to stop Nick's music but he refuses to open the door to her. Don arrives and is furious to find Nick has dropped the latch. He feels he's gone too far and smashes a window. He opens the door and throws Nick out. PC Malcolm arrives and warns Don about making too much noise. Percy tells Curly that he'll have to return to No.3 as Emily needs him. Curly realises something is wrong with Raquel. She tells him that she's cheap and that Leo tried to rape her in Firman's storeroom. Curly is furious and swears he'll kill Leo so Raquel backtracks as she doesn't want him to be sacked. He promises her that he won't mention it as she doesn't want it talked about. She feels better for having told someone.


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